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TimeTracker Source Code

Download TimeTracker Source Code


"Why?", you ask. I wrote this to track how I spend my time. Once a minute, it asks the operating system which application is in front. Then it asks that application the name of its front window. It logs this information on quit, or once each hour to a text file, ~/Documents/activitylog.txt in the following format:

A series of lines, with up to 4 fields separated by tabs. The fields on each line are:

There is a huge missing piece here: something to take this data and display it in a form that will be useful to you. But, I figure, this is a start, and you can use a spreadsheet like Excel, Appleworks, or Apple's Numbers in iWorks for that.

0.5.0 - Still a prototype, but useful.
0.6.0 - activityLog.txt is now created with file stystem metadata, so that other programs know that it has a character encoding of UTF-8.

Xcode 3.1. Apache license.

Compatibility: Macintosh OS X 10.4 or later. Macintosh Intel or PowerPC.

Other Source Code by David Phillip Oster

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