Anypia - a OS X native implementation of the social security benefit calculator at


I haven't updated Anypia since the initial release in 2005.

When I looked at the source code again, even the most recent version is heavily tied to Apple's Carbon framework, which Apple never ported to 64 bit. Anypia uses the PowerPlant library on top of that, so it would be a substantial job to replace the entire U.I. to get Anypia to run on macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

Everything below this sentence is of historical interest only.


As of 2020, is the current version, for macOS 10.14 (Mohave) and some earlier versions of macOS.

See for a well written blog post by Brendan Shanks on what it took to bring Anypia up to date, back in 2015. He's been continuing to keep it up to date since then.

See for more information.

About Anypia (Version 1.00)

This is a simple, port to OS X of the 68K benefit calculator on the above web site. It does not incorporate the latest changes to the Windows version. This Carbon port runs under OS X or OS 9. I've tested it on OS X 10.3.9

This program replaces the official release on that site, which runs under the Classic emulation.

One advantage of my version is that it uses the OS X printer drivers. Many modern Macs can't print from Classic.

My work on this program is hereby placed in the public domain. C++ source included.

Version 1.0

David Phillip Oster



April 2005

Download the compiled Anypia program [564 K]

Download C++ Source Code [208 K] To compile it, you'll need to download oactobjs.sea from, unpack oactobjs.sea, and put the resulting oactobjs folder next to the anypiamacprojOSX folder (the folder that contains this file).

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